10 Most Interesting Makeup Tutorials on YouTube


Now you can get glamorous in the comfort of your home. All you need is a little patience, good quality products and the tutorials listed below. YouTube offers thousands of makeup videos, but we’ve made up a list of ten that we think are worth watching. If you have a party to attend or simply if you want to add something new in your daily makeup routine, we hope you’ll find the list below very useful. Leave a comment and tell us which makeup do you love most.

Party/Prom Make Up

Finding the perfect dress, the perfect hairdo and the perfect makeup for the prom night can be very stressful. We thought you might use a little help and the tutorial below is all you need. You will get a total makeover but it won’t transform you into another person, because nobody wants such a dramatic change for prom. This will allow you to remain yourself but highlight your best features. 

Natural Nude Look

We think this is what you should wear every day during fall. This look is natural, effortless and sexy. Should we also mention that it takes less than 5 minutes to achieve?

60’s Makeup Look

This look is inspired by the blond girl named Domino in the James Bond film, Thunderball, played by Claudine Auger, Miss France 1958. The 60’s are by far my favorite decade, maybe because I usually like to put focus on the eyes. If you like big, dramatic eyes and you are not afraid of harsh lines check it out. 

Arabian Glow Makeup Tutorial

This look is a bit bold for everyday wear but it is something you should definitely try now and then. We suggest you wear this in your vacation, in those long hot summer nights after spending the entire day in the sun. The glow of your skin will go so well with these well defined eyes and you will look like a goddess.  

Clubbing Makeup Tutorial

Going out and need to look your best? Watch the video below and you will learn everything you need to know on how to create a sexy, fun look for a long night out. 

Dita Von Teese Makeup Tutorial

A very seductive makeup is what we think you should wear next time you are going out in the evening. And when we say “seductive”, we are thinking Dita Von Teese is the best one to imitate. Crimson lips and precision-perfect cat eyes are her trademark. 

Dark Lipsticks Trend

Dramatic lips are back in fashion but they can be tricky and hard to achieve. The tutorial below will teach you how to create them, what products you should choose and how to make the color last longer. You don’t want to end up looking clownish so you should go for the shade that suits your skin tone best.  

Get Perfect Skin Makeup Tutorial

Before you start applying any colors, you should make sure your skin is flawless. We can’t have perfect skin all the time that’s why sometimes we need a little help. Needless to say, you should start with a good facial scrub, than follow the steps in the video.

Bronze Godess Makeup Tutorial

A bronzy look is just perfect for summer and it is so easy to achieve that anybody can do it. White fair look is back now but tanned skin will always remain in style. Maybe because it is easier to maintain, it hides imperfections and it requires less products. Are you ready for a gorgeous golden glow?

How to achieve a Victoria Secret Angel Look

If I were to describe this look in 3 words I would say: natural, glowing and youthful. This is what we recommend for a regular day. You can wear this look at school, at work, at the beach (especially at the beach) and even if you are attending an outdoor casual party. It is simple but it gives you a youthful radiance.


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