Ten Hair Care Myths

Ten Hair Care Myths


1. Trimming your hair regularly will make it grow faster and thicker.
How I wish this was true! Unfortunately regular trims are just a great way of keeping your hair healthy. It won’t turn you into Rapunzel! Hair grows about half an inch every month, whether you cut it or not. Hair will grow faster in the summer but this has nothing to do with trims. With age, the speed of hair growth will slow down. That’s a fact.

2. Plucking out gray hair will cause two or three to sprout in its place.
Because gray hairs seem to multiply quickly this myth developed. Plucking white hairs is a bad habit because it can damage the roots causing infections but it won’t produce more gray hairs because it won’t change the number of hair follicles.

3. Rinsing your hair with cold water will make it shinier.
Hairstylists love this advice but they forget that hair contains no living cells so it doesn’t react to cold or hot water, says chemist Mort Westman. Probably this will just wake you up. In order to make your hair shinier you should use good quality conditioners and serums and avoid hot tools and straightening treatments.

4. Dying your hair will cause major damage.
Almost every woman makes use of hair coloring today. It has become an inevitable fashion.
Products today are better than the products people used in the past for dying hair. They are specially designed not to weaken the hair root and some even leave it more manageable and healthy looking than before. However, you should stay away from cheap products containing Ammonia, p-Phenylenediamine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Monoethanolamine, Coal tar, Formaldehyde, Eugenol, Mercury or lead and other harmful preservatives.

5. You can repair split ends with conditioners and serums.
The only way of repairing split ends is by trimming. Once they are split there’s nothing a good product can do (it doesn’t matter how expensive it is). Some products can seal the ends together for a short period of time and make the hair look better but they can’t repair them permanently.

6. Salon Products Are Identical To Drugstore Products
Even though salon products and drugstore products might have the same ingredients, the amounts of those ingredients per bottle are making the difference. That’s what you are paying for when buying professional products. If you tend to read the bottles, like I do, you should know that the ingredients are listed from highest quantity to lowest quantity. Salon conditioners, contain more moisturizers and proteins, while the drugstore products only have small amounts of these ingredients and they are claiming to be conditioners.

7. All hair grows at the same rate
This is not true. Hair grows at different rates on every part of your scalp, this is why that perfect symmetry of a fresh haircut never lasts for too long. Trim your hair regularly if you want it to look consistent.

8. Brushing your hair is good for it.
A lot of brushing can damage the hair cuticle and lead to split ends and hair breakage. If you have long hair using a comb is better than a brush. Don’t bother to brush 100 strokes a day but just enough to keep it from tangling. Use a brush with natural bristles and coated tips. Uncoated tips may breaks hairs or damage your scalp.

9. Hair will never change its texture.
This is a myth. As your body ages, a lot of things change, including the hair texture. Hair changes every five to seven years. Hormones produced by the thyroid gland also have a major effect on hair texture. These hormones can be influenced by the food we eat and the life we live. Sometimes curly hair might change into flat hair or vice-versa. This is still a mystery for scientists but it is a fact to us.

10. Men prefer women with longer hair.
I wish I could tell you that this is a myth but unfortunately this is true. Long hair is strongly linked to femininity. Research has repeatedly shown that when it comes to hair length, the majority of men find long hair on women to be more attractive than short hair. This doesn’t mean that short hair can’t be sexy and attractive, but when it comes to the majority of men, long hair remains a distinct preference.


I think, with long hair, there is a greater pblbarioity, if it snagging when combing or brushing, and some have pulled out. Even with long hair are those that get stuck on their own rather stable in the other, until you are combing, while with short hair, shed hair fall could go free and get lost and thus not counted in the hair inventory. By the way, if you nothing else to do but count the number of shed hairs have every day, you have to get out.
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